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The 1st Blue Dog Paintings

The first Blue Dog paintings were birthed in 1984 when Rodrigue was commissioned to make a painting about the “Loup-garou” legend. This is a Cajun story about a mythical werewolf that comes into existence as a result of a curse. Being from Louisiana himself, the story was already known to him, as it was told to him by his mother as a child.

Rodrigue modeled the werewolf after a picture of his passed away family dog, Tiffany. Despite the painting not gaining any immediate traction, the Blue Dog would later become iconic in pop art and bring Rodrigue worldwide fame. Now, you too, have the opportunity to have an Original Blue Dog work in your possession.

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Hand Signed Limited Edition Blue Dog Prints

Rodrigue went on to make over three hundred Blue Dog paintings in his lifetime. His prints raised millions for Hurricane Katrina and Harvey.

Rodrigue’s prints because have such a rich history. Being in the possession of a Blue Dog print is having a part of pop art history in your hands. This is what makes them such a wanted item among art collectors.

What is important for you to know is that Rodrigue avoided making mass-produced, cheap prints. Almost all of the Blue Dog prints are one of a kind and are not based on his paintings. There are only a few exceptions like prints of the Xerox campaign and the Jazz & Heritage Festival posters.

Because Rodrigue only made a limited amount of prints over his lifetime they are sure to hold their value.

All the prints are signed, have been checked for authenticity and are in an excellent condition (unless otherwise noted). So, make use of this opportunity to be in the possession of one of Rodrigue’s prints

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