Our affiliate network of galleries and dealers offer for sale authentic George Rodrigue Blue Dog Originals (Paintings and Prints) at exceptional pricing. Shop over 200 Blue Dog works.

New Arrivals

We have over 200 Authentic George Rodrigue Blue Dog Originals and Prints for sale at exceptional Pricing.

Buy your George Rodrigue paintings from trusted experts who have bought and sold hundreds of George Rodrigue artwork over the years. We do our best to keep our inventory fresh and up to date. So come visit and explore our online gallery often.

What is a Blue Dog Print?

With printmaking, George Rodrigue created original printing plates for his Blue Dog editions. Those plates would be used to create the prints making up that edition of said titled art. The Blue Dog editions were then signed and numbered by George Rodrigue.

What is an Original Blue Dog?

A George Rodrigue Blue Dog Original is a unique one of a kind piece of artwork done on canvas, linen, board, wood or paper. These paintings or mixed media works are not done in multiples or editions.

Blue Dog Paintings

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