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We have over 200 George Rodrigue Blue Dog Art Prints and Originals in-stock and ready for sale. Because of our quantity we frequently put together seasonal collections.  Currently, we are featuring:


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 Original Blue Dogs

    George Rodrigue Original Blue Dog Artwork Prices:

As with most commodities the price varies with size and subject matter

  • Our Canvases start at $38K and go up to $175K
  • Our Paper (one of a kind or remarqued) Originals start at $7K and go up to $25K
  • Our Sculptures start at $20K and go up to $150K

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    George Rodrigue Paints the First Blue Dog…

The first Blue Dog was birthed in 1984 when Rodrigue was commissioned to make a painting about the “Loup-garou” legend. This is a Cajun story about a mythical werewolf that comes into existence as a result of a curse.  Being from Louisiana himself, the story was already known to him, as it was told to him by his mother as a child. Continue Reading…

    The Rise In Popularity for the Blue Dog…

So, what is the thing that caused the popularity of the Blue Dog? According to Rodrigue, the people who saw the dog always remembered it. He had this to say about the Blue Dog in an interview with the New York Times in 1998: Continue Reading...

“The yellow eyes are really the soul of the dog. He has this piercing stare. People say the dog keeps talking to them with the eyes, always saying something different.” He continued saying:    “They are really about life, about mankind searching for answers. The dog never changes position. He just stares at you. And you’re looking at him, looking for some answers, ‘Why are we here?,’ and he’s just looking back at you, wondering the same. The dog doesn’t know. You can see this longing in his eyes, this longing for love, answers.” Because of the mass appeal of the Blue Dog, Rodrigue was sometimes told popular art would eventually ruin his reputation. However, despite the initial criticism, he continued to make over 300 Blue Dog works over his lifetime. He said he really got to like the fight for a popular audience, where an artist has to paint something that “really attracts the attention”. The popularity of the Blue Dog among art collectors became apparent on many occasions. In April 2015 one of the Blue Dog Paintings was sold at auction for $173,000. It has been rumored that some of the Blue Dog paintings have been sold for up to $250,000.

 Blue Dog Prints

    George Rodrigue Blue Dog Print Prices:

As with most commodities the price varies with size and subject matter

  • Our Small Prints start at $2K
  • Our Medium Prints start at $3200
  • Our Large Prints start at $4K

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   George Rodrigue Prints His First Blue Dog…

Printmaking was a fascinating art form to Rodrigue. He was already making prints of his Cajun work before he made the first Blue Dog print. He got inspired after seeing Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans” print at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles in the mid-1960. Warhol’s Pop Art style remained an inspiration to Rodrigue over his lifetime.   Continue Reading..

Back in the 1960’s making print-art was still controversial. Mainly because the art world was divided about whether or not it is an actual art form. Because a machine is used in the process it is different from traditional art, where there is a direct contact between the artist and his or her choice of medium. Rodrigue made the first Blue Dog print in 1990. Back then it was a lot more complicated to make prints because there was no computer technology. Rodrigue had to draw separate sketches on tracing paper for each color within a print. As time went on print screen technology got more advanced.  Computer technology got introduced, which gave Rodrigue the opportunity to use programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. With this opportunity also came the possibility to use silkscreen ink. The benefit of this ink is that it is less susceptible to damage, which means the prints stay in a good condition for a longer time.

    Hand Signed Limited Edition Blue Dog Prints…

Rodrigue went on to make over three hundred Blue Dog silkscreens in his lifetime. His prints raised millions for Hurricane Katrina and Harvey. There is a lot more to tell about Rodrigue’s prints because they have such a rich history. Being in the possession of a Blue Dog print is having a part of pop art history in your hands. This is what makes them such a wanted item among art collectors.Continue Reading...

What is important for you to know is that Rodrigue avoided making mass-produced, cheap prints. Almost all of the Blue Dog prints are one of a kind and are not based on his paintings.  There are only a few exceptions like prints of the Xerox campaign and the Jazz & Heritage Festival posters. Because Rodrigue only made a limited amount of prints over his lifetime they are sure to hold their value. All the prints are signed, have been checked for authenticity and are in an excellent condition (unless otherwise noted). So, make use of this opportunity to be in the possession of one of Rodrigue’s prints

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